quinta-feira, abril 19, 2007

Eu odeio o Dr. Phil! (parte 2)

O grande Howard Stern disse das boas ao palerma do Dr. Phil:

Howard Stern eloquently expressed his opinion about Dr. Phil this morning after hearing the doc’s comments on video games and the Virginia Tech massacre:

“He’s a fucking asshole!”

You’ll have to excuse me because that’s the only direct quote I could get down, the following are half-quotes, half-paraphrased.

Howard, Robin, and other in-studio personalities ridiculed the idea that video games could have caused the shootings, sarcastically suggesting that “Hitler played Donkey Kong” and “Osama Bin Laden played Grand Theft Auto.”

Howard went on to explain, “You know the reason why Dr. Phil is an asshole? …because whenever something like this happens he wants to play the blame game.” Howard and Robin both commented that they play or know that people play video games “all day and all night” and do not act out violently. He sarcastically remarked that blame is always placed on “the movies or something.” Howard concluded the discussion saying what many gamers have been saying for years, “This is so stupid.”

The self-proclaimed “King of All Media” is known as a staunch protector and advocate of First Amendment rights. His show can be heard on Sirius Satellite Radio from 6am to around 11am Monday through Thursday.


E ora toma lá que é para aprenderes!

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moimeme disse...
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André disse...

Desculpa, mas era só para ver quem é que estava ronha.
Mudei de assunto assim que apanhei o primeiro....LOL

moimeme disse...


estas a falar sozinho???

vê lá se queres apanhar!!

beijo T

Avelã disse...

que erseguição andre

O Anarquista Duval disse...

Grande Howard Stern!!!!!!!!!!!